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Training Programs

E-Training Programs (E-Training Programs are being updated and are in development at this time)

With FMI’s E-Training, students learn expert contract and project management strategies, practice new skills and gain valuable insights from peers and experienced instructors.

Learn Better, Smarter, Faster with FMI

FMI's E-Training courses are based on the best adult learning techniques, so your employees receive superior training that is appropriate for their level of expertise.

All of our courses use Macromedia® Flash™-based technology for even greater interactivity. These Macromedia® Flash™-based courses place students in a fictional, but realistic, environment, where they must solve a series of challenges. The courses contain all the materials needed to solve each challenge, so every lesson is a valuable self-contained tool. Each E-Training course offers:

  • Self-paced exercises and case studies
    Our online courses are designed as modules, enabling students to work at their own pace and navigate through course components with ease.

  • Access to a resource-rich online library with sample forms
    With all the tools readily at hand, you spend your time actively learning, not searching for resources.

  • Ongoing assessments
    Prompt feedback from instructors enables you to continually sharpen your focus as you train. You're always aware of your progress through a continually updated score visible on every screen.

How Our E-Training Works

Class Format

You may access lessons and the accompanying case studies or scenarios. Students send assignments or responses to threaded discussion questions and receive instructor feedback on assignments and threaded discussions via e-mail. Instructors are always available to you for online mentoring to help you throughout the course.

Our Macromedia® Flash™-based courses include threaded discussion questions, allowing students to hold an extended conversation with classmates and instructors about a topic without having to be online at the same time.

Time Commitment

FMI’s E-Training can require approximately 30 hours of coursework, depending upon the class. You may take up to six weeks to complete an E-Training course. Beyond this time, the instructor may grant an extension of up to 28 days.

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