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Web Survey
Please let us know how we can improve our site to help meet your needs and provide you with the all the information and resources you need by filling out our short survey below. If you can't find something, let us know what you're looking for and how we can help.

1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with FMG's Web site?

2. Why did you visit FMG's site? (Please check all that apply)
To learn more about training services
To seek consulting services
To learn about project management classes
To learn about contract management classes
To read FMG's Front Line newsletter

3. What features or content would you like to see on FMG's Web site?
(Please check all that apply)
More "how to" articles
Bulletin boards for contract managers
Bulletin boards for project managers
More Contract management resources
More Project management resources
Project management/contract templates "Ask the Expert" features

4. Please rate your satisfaction with the following components of FMG's site.

Ease of Navigation:

Information Organization:

Download Speed:


5. How often do you visit FMG's Website?

6. Do you ever refer people to FMG's Web site?
If so, Thank You.

7. Is FMG bookmarked on your browser?

8. Where do you access FMG's site the most?

Additional Comments about FMG's Web site:

Thank You For Your Valuable Input.

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